Je Suis Western Civilization

Paris is on everyone's mind this week. Reading some of the commentary online, I discovered that the post I wanted to write had already been written (much better than I would have done, of course), by the indispensable Elder of Ziyon. (BTW, never think that one person can't make a difference: virtually singlehandedly, EoZ  forced the UN to finally start kicking ass and taking names at that sketchy organization known as UNRWA.)

The Elder reminds us that if you're France, you can swear bloody vengeance on your attackers and people will cheer you and sing "La Marseillaise"; but if you're Israel, you have to be careful not to use disproportionate force—G-d forbid you're good at defending your citizens and fewer of them die!—and you have to always do just a little bit more than you're doing to make sure that no civilians are ever harmed, and for goodness' sake keep that rhetoric tamped down...and people will accuse you of war crimes anyway.

On, the UK website better known for its sidebar photo-essays of Kardashians and British royalty than political reporting, a throwaway line caught my attention. Someone was interviewing a woman at one of the makeshift memorial sites that have sprung up all over Paris. And she said: "Before, they targeted Charlie Hebdo because they were satirists. Now the target is you and me, happy people who are going out on a Friday night. The people who haven't provoked anyone."

Which made me want to say, with all due respect: NO DUH!

Did the Israeli man driving home from Rosh Hashanah dinner "provoke" anyone? Did the parents who were slaughtered in front of their four children provoke anyone? did the Fogel Family provoke anyone--did their 3-month-old baby do something to deserve having her throat slit? Tell me what that was--besides being a "female settler" that is, which is how Palestinian media referred to her.

The Parisian woman's astonishment over the "unprovoked" violence in Europe goes perfectly with the famous quote that begins "First they came for the Jews...." The Israelis know better than anyone what radical Islam is all about, and they support France unconditionally in their fight against it. Maybe France will return the compliment sometime soon.