Tolerance? We don't need no stinking tolerance.

Recently, one of our writers, wrote an article entitled "What IS Worse: Socialist Snake Oil or Sociopathic Socialist Snake Oil?". As always he was witty and provocative. His points were spot on about the Democratic Party. What I found most enlightening was the response by the left to the article. One lady asked:
"What scares you so about a man who calls himself a Democratic Socialist, which is about the equivalent of a liberal democrat?"
The question itself is so ignorant, but one does not need a whole lot of knowledge to recognize that that particular party was the cause of the second world war. I would suggest that people read the origins of the American Democratic Party, because it may shine light on how far they have come from their origins. The Democratic Party has finalized its push as the socialist party of America.
The Democratic-Republican Party was the American political party in the 1790s of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison formed in opposition to the centralizing policies of the new Federalist party.
But I digress. The most silly comments came from people who said:
"Which one doesn't believe in creationism, talking snakes and dinosaurs and men living together?"
"Yes, the alternatives are people who think the Earth is 6,000 years old or pretend to think that or pretend not to know."
I am a religious and observant Jew. I tend to take most of the book of Genesis as purely allegory and not literal at all. However, besides being a straw man argument against Republicans, who cares what people theologically believe? Does the left's tolerance end with religious Christians and Jews who take the Bible literally? Does believing in things that the left seems silly make bad policy, or do people focus on that to distract from the left truly harmful policies?

I would suggest that the people on the left who are offended by people pointing out that their party has two major socialists look in the mirror. It happens to be the truth! Like any good Jewish guy, let me end with a quote from the New Testament; The Truth Shall Set You Free.