When Bibi Met Barry

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was in Washington DC today for a meeting with not-BFF Barack Obama, and according to Bibi, it went ok! Two Times of Israel articles report that Obama didn't ask for a freeze on settlement construction, and that some sort of "expanded military aid" was agreed upon. As for that little matter of the new communications director who called Obama an anti-Semite, it wasn't even mentioned.

"I did not feel any tension,” Bibi said. “Both the tone and the substance of the meeting were in a spirit of being productive."

Bibi may be feeling sanguine about all this, but I'm not so sure. (And of course it's possible that Bibi isn't so sure either, but is too good a politician to say so.)

For instance: one of the things Obama and Netanyahu agreed upon is a "series of practical steps by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority to calm tensions and prevent further escalation of hostilities."

Really? What "series of steps" has Abbas agreed to? He wasn't even there. Or is Obama now empowered by the Palestinians to make deals on their behalf? And why must both Israelis and Palestinians "calm tensions" when it's only Palestinians who are inflaming them?

The TOI article also reports that "before departing for Washington, Netanyahu was reportedly set to unveil to Obama a series of goodwill gestures aimed at the Palestinians."

And why do the Israelis need to make "goodwill gestures" to the people who have been stabbing them and running them over for the past two months? Is there something I'm missing here?

It sounds like Bibi has accepted the "moral equivalence" crap sandwich with a smile.

Meanwhile, Obama seems to be sorely lacking in self-awareness: “It’s no secret that the security environment in the Middle East has deteriorated in many areas," he said before the meeting, neglecting to mention that his policies are a big reason for that deterioration.

He continued: "And as I’ve said repeatedly, the security of Israel is one of my top foreign policy priorities. And that’s expressed itself not only in words, but in deeds.”

This is risible. Obama may not be an anti-Semite, but he's no fan of Israel's, and there are plenty of "words and deeds" to prove that.