Yes we are ARE afraid of ISIS

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing this letter to you not as a conservative, not as a republican, not as a blogger. I am writing today as a father and a husband. For as much as I want and will move heaven and earth to protect my family, I know that most of the security aspects are well taken care of by government. I go out of my way to teach my daughter to thank soldiers, policemen, firemen and everyone who volunteers to keep us safe and secure. We pray every week in Synagogue for the well being of our Country and its leaders, that includes you Mr. President. I was a single guy when 9-11 happened, I had no one to worry about. This past week, my world was shaken; a Russian airliner, a Lebanese bombing, and a coordinated attack on civilians in Paris. Not to mention the countless stabbing murders in Israel. Frightening and sickening. Over the past few days we have seen ISIS videos threatening DC and New York. As a father I shudder and push any horrible thoughts about the future out of my head, I look to the government that secures my Families safety - I find nothing.

I find a President that mocks my concerns. I find a President who ignores my fears. I find a President that doesn't have the decency to show up for a moment of silence. And if you think that the word I is too inwardly focused, you'd be correct. For while I have compassion and want to see everyone taken care of, the logical side of me takes over. I need to protect my family like the President needs to protect his citizens. I am his citizen, my 6 year old daughter is his responsibility to keep safe, my wife is his responsibility to keep safe.

I shake my head in disbelief about the horrors of ISIS, but I am afraid of them because our President is not.

May God Bless these United States.