Yo Yo Yo, This Is Ben Carson, Boiii, Go Vote, My Niggaz!

In a hilarious move of mind boggling stupidity, Ben Carson hired a rapper named Aspiring Mogul to contribute a few lines to a new rap song for his ad campaign deliberately made to target black voters.  To his credit, the song isn't very different from the majority of rap; it's just as unoriginal musically and sounds as if it required zero talent to create.  But, what really begs the question is why Ben Carson felt the need to appeal to a demographic that glorifies the exact opposite behavior from what he preaches.

Let's take this back a step.  One of my Facebook friends trashed modern country, which, to be fair, is pretty grating on the ears.  But, aside from just dissing the music, he made a HILARIOUS joke about how country artists are all inbred, dumb, racist hillbillies.  They iz sooo stupid, dawg!  They don't have the class or sophistication of us hip hop artists with our pants all sagging low, metal on our teeth, tattoos on the side of our faces, creative use of grammar, unique spelling of wurdz and use of a self deprecating racial slur, which has been re-spelled with an "a" and not the "er" at the end only by default since we spell errrthang phonetically.

Like most white people I have the three "essential" rap albums you're supposed to have in your collection if you're a music fan: Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A., Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan and Doggystyle by Snoop Doggy Dogg.  These, along with some others, are the classics of the genre.  Loaded with cuss words, telling tales of violence and thuggery, treating women as little more than jizz receptacles - okay, don't yell at me; Enter the Wu-Tang is a tad more unique than the first two because it has the slightly more intellectual lyrics of the Genius and has less gang oriented violence and crass references to sex ('cept the line where Raekwon says "and get my dick rolled all night").

And I'm aware of rap's origins from the New York club scene and giving birth to such early pioneers as Sugarhill Gang, the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow (who was so classy he named himself after what he puts up his nose before crack hit the scene), Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC and many, many more.  The music went from a mix of bravado and social commentary to a ridiculous parody of itself that portrayed black men as poor mannered sexual predators who enjoy committing crimes.  That's some real self expression right there, I tell ya.  There are some boring "intellectual" rappers like Common and the Roots that seem designed to make white, tweed coat wearing college students feel like they're getting the "urban experience", but the mainstream face of hip hop, which became the mainstream of face of black America, is not exactly the most positive thing in the world.

With that said, aside from the fact that, in 2015, the majority of people who listen to rap are actually white people and the fact that Ben Carson doesn't seem to be particularly in touch with the inner city black community, I'm to wonder, what exactly he was aiming to accomplish with this little ad campaign, aside for getting a good laugh.  Somewhere somehow the idea got implanted into Ben Carson's head that he could reach the young black yoof with a 58 second rap song in which he has some guy nobody's ever heard of say, ahem:

Vote and support Ben Carson
If you want our President to be awesome

What... the... fuck.

Ben Carson doesn't even rap!  He just says a bunch of stuff about personal responsibility, hard work, creativity, innovation and how all of that will get us on the right track.  I'm just shaking my head at the stupidity.  Let's just say for a sec, Ben, that you DO win over Deandre and his boyz with the solid groove and Mr. Mogul's AMAZING rapping skills, you sure as HAYELL ain't gonna win 'em over with the message, 'less of course you throw in something about legalizing kush and allowing the kidz to carry gats around without being harassed by the fuzz.  Word to yo motha.