Get With the Program

I joined the NRA today, and Wayne LaPierre can thank National Public Radio for that.

I'd been thinking of doing it for some time now, as a protest against silliness.

Like a friend's silly response to the Paris terror attacks: "Well at least now maybe we'll get some sensible gun laws in this country." Or the silliness of the MSM and their contempt for people who offer "thoughts and prayers" because they are "part of the problem" ("the problem" being that Americans like their guns. Bitter clingers, you know).

Or our frankly unserious Lecturer in Chief, Barack Obama, wagging his finger at the American people once again. Uh-oh: the president is disappointed in us! "A recent poll shows that the American public has dropped another 6 points, with the president and first lady "moderately disapproving" of them. Analysts attribute the slide to the president's irritation with citizens not wanting to give up their guns and refusing to bow to his superior wisdom." MSNBC could do a segment. Haha.

Anyway, this morning I happened to catch Diane Rehm's show on NPR, and was treated to a mish-mash of liberal logic, willful blindness, and sneering righteousness. It was the elite looking down on the bitter clingers, laughing at our guns and our religion.

If even one person at the Bataclan had been armed, dozens of lives might have been saved in Paris. I say MIGHT have: we can't know for sure. But they would have had a chance. And liberals refuse to acknowledge that.

Diane Rehm will never know that she inspired me to become an NRA member, but she wouldn't be pleased if she did, and that makes me happy. I don't want to be an alarmist, but we're at a point where we are in danger of losing some very basic rights. If my $25 contribution can help fight back against that a little bit, it's worth it.

And I get a free pocket knife.