LudditeBlogger Takes the Pledge

Even though I'm not  a Trump fan, I get why people like him. As Bill O'Reilly put it, we want an "avenger," an anti-Obama who will stand up to the baddies and fight back. But regardless of my personal feelings, if Trump wins the GOP nomination, I hereby swear that I will support him, work for him, and vote for him.

In fact, I hereby swear that I will do that regardless of who the nominee is, and I hope that you will too.
Is there anybody out there who really believes that a President Mitt Romney would not have been, oh, I don't know, 300 gazillion trillion times better than Barack Obama? Just think how different the world would be:

  • No Obamacare. We'd all have been able to keep the healthcare we liked, and the 30 million uninsured could have been covered in another way that didn't upset one-sixth of our economy.
  • No (or a very weakened) ISIS, because Romney would have left troops in Iraq.
  • No ridiculous Iran deal, which gave the America-hating mullahs money and legitimacy.
  • No equally ridiculous climate deal, which lets China keep doing whatever it wants for 15 years while our economy suffers.
  • No "war on cops" because Romney's attorney general would not be slobbering over the Black Lives Matter thugs like Holder and Lynch have done.
  • No "stabbing intifada" in Israel, as a President Romney would have made it clear to Abbas and his merry band of inciters whose side America was on.
  • The Keystone XL pipeline would be under construction and the "war on coal" would be over.
  • As for terror attacks, if there were any, Romney would not be afraid to blame them on radical Islam. And Guantanamo would still have its full complement of prisoners. 

In 2012, 2 million+ McCain/Palin voters didn't go to the polls for Romney/Ryan. Forget the tinfoil-hat theories about voter fraud: that alone would have made the difference. And why did they stay home, enabling Obama to serve what was obviously going to be a disastrous second term? Because Romney was not "conservative" enough. Because Romney was a Mormon. Because Romney picked Paul Ryan.  Because Romney was a RINO. Because Romney, in short, was not their dream candidate.

The Democrats have one viable candidate, who voters don't trust and who is being investigated by the FBI. This should be a slam-dunk election for the GOP. But we'll blow it by threatening to stay home, or go third-party, if we don't get our way. That's why we have to support whoever the nominee is.

Sure, the Republicans are mealy-mouthed cowards. But they're OUR mealy-mouthed cowards. And the alternative is just too bleak.