The Difference Between Right-Wing and "Far-Right"

Yesterday, I probably received one of the biggest compliments I've ever received from an associate of none other than former KKK member and White Nationalist activist David Duke.  He told me that I'm not part of the "brain dead, liberal masses", but that I'm "far more dangerous" and a "formidable foe" who is "good at posing like an ally."  I mentioned a long time ago that, when you declare yourself a libertarian defender of all that is non-PC, you're swimming with sharks and, well, I wanted to swim with sharks and suss this guy out a bit.  I saw this guy post a comment on Rockin' Mr. E's video on In-Group Nepotism, but, it looks like it's since been removed.  I shall tell my version of the exchange.

Basically I told this guy I'm a Jew and that, in spite what I wrote in this article, I don't really have much objection to the "racial realist" findings of Jared Taylor, who I falsely call a White Supremacist, or, for that matter John Derbyshire, who was fired from the National Review for writing this (an article I don't entirely agree with by the way).  Anyhoo, I told this guy how I think non-Jewish white people are the group that are shit upon most in the U.S., that European culture is being attacked and how I have no problem with whites expressing pride in their culture, a crime punishable in the mainstream media by ostracism and cries of racism.

This clearly wasn't enough for this guy.  For some reason, in spite the fact that he has no ties or interest in the Middle East at all, he sided with the Palestinians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  He had no problem drawing direct parallels to the Holocaust and the Nazi and Soviet occupations of neighboring countries to what Israel is doing now, which is merely trying to defend itself.  He asked me, "isn't it ironic that Netanyahu wants to protect his borders, while condemning the U.S. for protecting theirs?"  I said, "well, if that is the case, that is pretty ironic and I agree that we SHOULD protect our borders against illegal aliens and Syrian refugees."

This STILL wasn't enough.  Eventually this led to a rabbit hole of Palestinians=victims, Israelis=aggressors coupled with the typical White Nationalist Holocaust revisionism.  But, the question I had for this guy is, "why do you CARE so much about it and why do you have a such a hard on for Muslims?"  His answer was that he didn't have "hard on for Muslims, but just that every race/ethnicity should have its own homeland and shouldn't be forced to live with others."  So I told him that Muslims have 52 countries and the Jews have ONE, and it's the size of New Jersey.  The only thing he could do was play mental gymnastics about how the Holocaust was over-exaggerated and how the Palestinians are the good guys.

The point of all this?  Aside from his ascription to the cult of Holocaust denial, there is not much that  makes him different from a typical, Israel/Jew hating leftist.  His symbol is that of a hammer and sickle with a skull on top of it, implying he's anti-Communist, but, what is he if not a leftist, just with more racially separatist views; I neglect to say "racist" since, technically, he doesn't think the Jews are "subhuman", he thinks me and my type are "superhuman" and dangerous.  I was touched. 

But, I digress.  He's a socialist through and through, whether he puts the word "national" in front of it or not.

And that's where I FINALLY get to the point of this article.

I'm right-wing, but I'm not NOT "far-right", which is no different from far-left, unless you enjoy the oppression of the hammer and sickle more than the crooked cross.  In addition, Mussolini wasn't a race-obsessed eugenicist like Hitler, so that REALLY negates any difference between Communism and Fascism.  The term "far right" is a way the mainstream media demonizes anybody with a right of center position.  For instance, the leftists at Addicting Info created this quiz titled "Are You a Nazi? A Ten Question Quiz for Conservatives".  In terms of slanderous propaganda, how much more brazen and shameless can you get?  Winston Churchill, who fought against the Nazis, is a conservative.  But, what's history to these people. 

Why don't we go through these one by one and see how the leftists are trying to smear us:

1. Do you oppose immigration and believe that America is for “Americans only?”

I oppose illegal immigration and immigration from people who are threats to American safety and can't be vetted properly.  Furthermore, I think, since 1965, the insane amount of immigrants who are coming into the country and aren't assimilating, creating their own little nation-states, that is balkanizing the country, have no interest in becoming Americans, either culturally or officially.

2. Do you oppose feminism, and do you believe that motherhood should be the prime role of women, in order to “strengthen the family unit?”

I most certainly oppose 2nd and 3rd wave feminism; the "right" to yank a growing baby out of the womb (with few exceptions), the "freedom" to swallow gallons of jizz and jump on every dick without consequence (save for now needing a shrink to figure out all those contradicting emotions you're feeling), the ability to falsely accuse men of rape after drunkenly fucking one and feeling bad about it, having the government pay for birth control and all around being coddled, rather than actually working hard are NOT empowering.  Also, as retrograde as it sounds, women statistically are happier at home tending to the children.  This is why they work less hours and get easier jobs than the ones men get.

3. Do you support the establishment of a new system of education, which would oversee the “moral development” of children?

This question is so dumb, I don't even know what it's supposed to mean.  Also why is "moral development" in ironic quotes.  Moral development is a bad thing now?

4. Do you believe that the economy and the government should be debt-free?


5. Do you believe that America should be “energy sufficient,” and that we should exploit natural resources, such as land and water, in order to achieve that goal? (Bonus question: Is it a good idea to put ‘fossil fuel-producing corporations,’ like fracking wells, oil rigs and garbage incinerators in economically depressed regions of the country, to stimulate economic growth and create jobs for minorities?)

Yes.  Global warming/climate change is a hoax on the part of the EPA to stifle companies from growing and to redistribute wealth.  The climate changes all the time.  Also, cap 'n' trade is a way to line the pockets of politicians, and Al Gore heats his enormous home and fuels his private jets with fossil fuels that he complains about.

6. Do you support the right of citizens to keep and bear arms? (No, Nazi’s do not support taking guns away, contrary to right wing bullshit.)


7. Do you want to do away with the separation of church and state?

No, and neither do most prominent conservatives.  However, the nation was founded on Christian principles, as was every Western society; this is why we don't have sex with little children like the Romans did.

 8. Do you want to see the US government get involved in the “spiritual upbringing” of children?

I'm not even going to bother answering such a stupid question.

9. Are you a true supporter of “traditional American values?” (The Nazi’s call it ‘traditional Aryan values,’ but we know what you mean.)

Oh, you mean "hard work", "being self-sufficient", "not depending on free handouts", "raising a family" and "having moral fortitude"?  If those are "traditional Aryan values", then I suppose you feel blacks, Jews, Hispanics and Arabs should not work hard, not be self-sufficient, should depend on free handouts, should not raise a family and have no moral fortitude.  Got it.

10. Do you believe that minorities and immigrants are a threat to the traditional United States?

Depends on which "minorities" and "immigrants" you're talking about.  If you're talking about Japanese people who brought us sushi, Godzilla and Nintendo to the U.S., then no.  On the other hand, if you're talking about Muslim immigrants from countries with views that are in complete opposition to Western values, who are doing a great job tearing apart countries in Europe with their no-go zones, establishing Sharia courts in places in England and turning Sweden into the rape capital of the world, then I would say "yes."

Holy Christ, there's a "bonus" section.  These people just don't give up, but then, neither do I:

1. Oppose labor unions and want to see them outlawed.

Not outlawed, but have their bargaining power reduced through "right to work" legislation, because stupid high pensions are insane, union workers can drink on the job and not get fired and, the economic cycle should determine the value of someone's work, not some arbitrary metric you assign.

2. Agree that there is a “war on white people” and that ‘reverse-racism’ is a real problem in the United States.

Not a war, but definitely a level of disdain.  Hey mainstream media, why don't you lampoon black culture for a change?  Or are saggy pants, face tattoos, grills on teeth and treating women like "bitchez" a sign of high culture?

3. Believe that gays present a real threat to “traditional American values” and the “traditional American family.”

Nope, but they can be a threat to a family business that makes the one time faux pas of not making a gay cake and now are without income.

4. Hate “Communists” and are willing to apply that label to everyone you disagree with politically.

Oh, you mean the way you apply "Nazi" to everyone you disagree with politically?