Those Damn Republicans!

For years, I have watched the Republican Party trundle along pretending that it does not have any issues. The fact that a large minority of Republicans believe some crazy things is nothing new. Donald Trump is a prime example, saying that we must ban Muslims from entering the United States. Some are anti-science. Some don’t vaccinate. Some won’t officiate or bake a cake for a gay wedding. And the rest of the party either turns a blind eye because they agree or they just don’t want to rock the boat. Many argue that they support these things or that maybe there is something rotten in the ideological core of the Republican Party.

What kind of political party encourages or creates such bizarre beliefs? Have the ideals of Lincoln been turned around? Where are the moderates? Seriously, we hear so much talk about the moderate Republicans or the establishment types. Do they exist? When the party does pick a “moderate”, it’s a whacky Donald Trump.

Has the Party been Hijacked?

Or maybe not. All along, maybe there is just a stream of Republicanism that encourages this thought.

There are many who would agree with all of the above sentiments about the Republican Party. Certainly Paul Krugman has no love and does not hold back any of his feelings. Yet, for the people who agree with this logical argument, do you also agree that Islam has a very serious problem? I would love to see Krugman write an article about the crazy Islamic culture.

You see, according to PEW, over 10% of the world’s Islamic observers believe in radical Islam, and want to murder you and me. Many others are silent or certainly not vocal enough. If there are that many good Muslims, where are they? The mainstream media certainly says there are, and so does the administration. We are also told that this does not represent Islamic faith, that it is a perversion.

I could sit here pointing out that, while some of the folks in my party believe some strange things, in the Republican Party it is completely opposite of what is happening in Islam; there is a very public civil war of ideas happening (ie: Jeb Bush and Donald Trump).

Islam has an enormous problem. Where is the civil war in the Islamic world? Where are the moderates speaking up? The silence of the Islamic community is deafening.