Yes, Shoot Down the Plane

Last night was the 1 millionth Republican debate. It featured the ambiguously gay duo of Trump and Bush. A high brow foreign policy debate between Cruz and Rubio. And finally the hawkish Christie vs. the libertarian Paul. Yes there were others on the stage, but seriously should not have been there.

My favorite part of the debate came when Chris Christie gave the following answer as to whether he would shoot down a Russian fighter jet.

Hell yes!

I want a President who is prepared and willing to stand up to Vladimir Putin. That includes shooting down planes. The reason I like this answer is that it shows our allies that we are serious about winning and protecting them. Europe is looking for answers and a strong leader. While it looks like it may be too little, too late for Christie, his answer on the no fly zone was great.

This debate season is long and we have a few months to go before Iowa. I hope that we hear more from Gov. Chris Christie.