2016 Election Analysis

The Obama Presidency And What It Means For 2016

President Barack Obama, leader of the Democratic Party hasn't had a "good" presidency. Rarely has he had above a 50% approval rating, when we was elected, and when he was elected again where the only times in which is popularity boomed. Obama is a "elections" guy, he can work them in his favor and he has good charisma, he has reflected back towards us he is a modern and calm person but where he gains in charisma he lacks in other key areas. Obama has brought the executive branch towards status quo, he doesn't act big, and he doesn't have great "umph". Many of you may say what about Amnesty or Obamacare! His amnesty measure was movement without movement, he brought it forward, but he didn't work on it or put much more into it. If you are going to do something, you ought to stand behind it and campaign it. Sell amnesty to the people, don't write it off and do it in your backrooms. The Republicans fed on it, and reversed it against him because he failed to show full devotion towards the measure, he didn't sell it to the American people..he could've. He did a bit better with Obamacare, and it has better approval among the American people than amnesty. Obamacare captured real reform and pulled in the liberal bloc, but he failed to sell it towards the conservative bloc. Obamacare brought approval in all with the liberals, but again he failed to campaign his idea with the conservatives which is better than his amnesty measure which was on the minds at some politicians but the populace wasn't very informed or given much attention. President Obama had a mandate, he could've pushed his charisma, appeared more often in the public, talked with the public more and not give the public the traditional "politics" speeches when he did. In America, in this day in age you must be a people's person if you want the presidency now. People have gotten the traditional "political" speeches too much now, its overused and won't work any more. It's not democratic to speak like that. You must be direct, you must have a plan, you must work that plan. Yes plans change, and things pop up but that means you lay out a detour plan. You must be direct, I cannot emphasize that enough. President Obama was politics wrapped in a man, with the human taken out. Does this mean we need to drop PC, and all this right now in then and get a crazy person in office? Absolutely not. There is a difference between being direct and affirmative versus being a radical no-filter person. 2016 is the calling for a people's person, direct and planned. The Obama Presidency may effect the democrats, but not as much as you think because it is either side that can put forth what Americans truly need.

Finally we are here, in the great melting pot of multi-billion dollar presidential elections. Who will lead America while the tides are violent. America's next president is going to have to be a direct and affirmative person, who drops the traditional politics speech. That person must also be professional, presentable, and friendly. Trump is not going to be President of the United States. Whilst the US is indeed seeking a direct, no sugar-coated approach it still wants a professional person, it wants someone that can hold the office with respect. Trump is gaining his lead because he fills half of the requirements and he has gained a lot of attention, but I will tell you right now, that whoever is going to be president will fill all the requirements. Bernie Sanders is the Trump of the left, he fills half the requirements too, he is direct and affirmative and doesn't sugar-coat things. Trump and Sanders are getting popular and around the 30% mark because they fill those roles partially but when it comes in reality and everyone is going out to the primaries it won't be those two that come out as the nominee. 

Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich

The Four Moderates, showing professional, direct, presentable and friendly personas. One of these candidates will become President of the United States in 2016. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have not however broken fully out of their "political" speeches and persona which they need to do if they want to win. Chris Christie has offered all of it recently, he has been moderate, not sugar-coating, but he is professional. He isn't radical or dropped his professional attitude. Chris Christie is friendly, and hasn't beaten on any minority group or attempted to get partisan. John Kasich is a lesser-known version of Chris Christie. Kasich would be a good cabinet member, but he isn't someone who will be able to work up to the top. Chris Christie takes the professional, political, and friendly attitude of Jeb Bush and combines it with the direct and non sugar-coating aspects on Donald Trump. Chris Christie brings the best of both words, and is able to hit every requirement. Now I am no political ad, but I like to consider myself independent, smart, and a researcher and I am saying from a intellectual base of reviewing US politics that its going to be a man like Chris Christie that has a chance at presidency. The democrats aren't offering someone like Chris Christie and are sticking with Hillary Clinton, who is too close to Obama in being "political". Hillary Clinton can't win at 2016, she definitely could any other year, but this year it will be on against the political atmosphere of avoiding anything direct, and heavy establishment personas. I am being optimistic when I say I think the RNC are smart enough to see this, I think that they will turn around in the end that this Trump wave is just a holding spot for greater combination.