8 Hot Jewish Republican Women

I started compiling a list of good looking Republican women. I have to say, that this article took way longer than I expected. Not because any of the ladies mentioned below aren't pretty, it's because there are very few of them. The Republican Party is doing a very poor job at the demographic of Jewish women. That will be for a different article and hopefully someone can put their two cents in.

In the mean time let's take a break and appreciate some of the finer things in life. Even if you decide not to vote Republican this year, we can all agree that they are beautiful. 


Ivanka Trump: How much more do I need to say about Trump. She is a powerhouse in her own regard and classy. This New York woman waves the Trump, Jewish and Republican banner. Not too shabby.

Jenna Jameson: The former porn queen converted recently and while it may not be safe at work to look at some of her pictures, her kosher recipes on her Instagram should be checked out.

May Golan: Of course the list would not be complete without a super tough Israeli. And no one knows more about security and immigration than May. I have a feeling if she did vote in the US, she would probably be voting Republican.

Sabrina Schaeffer: Sabrina is a no nonsense lady who serves as the Executive Director of IWF. As a conservative, she has been at the forefront of women's issue.

Pamela Gellar: This tough Republican will put anyone in their place. I am putting her on the list because, I am very much afraid of her and well, she is good looking if you can get past some of her over the top issues with Islam.

Jennifer Rubin: Jennifer is a Washington Post writer who may look like the girl next door, but her writing will teach anyone a lesson. She is a no nonsense Republican and also witty and funny on Twitter.

Alexis Levinson: Move over Jennifer Rubin, Alexis may seem sweet and innocent, but this National Review writer has sharp insights and makes our list.

Ann Bayefsky: To be fair, I am not totally sure if she is a Republican, but if I had to guess. This brilliant lawyer is at the forefront of human rights and has a laundry list of degrees form prestigious places.

Of course this is just a small list. If you think I missed anyone feel free to respond below. 
**I had Michelle Field on the list. Unfortunately, I was mistaken and have corrected the list. Sorry folks.