Luddite Blogger doesn't drink much anymore, but everybody needs to go out and have a martini or four sometimes. Last Wednesday was such a night, and that pleasant little buzz I felt when I got home helped me digest the latest horribleness from the Obama administration: catching Congress in the spy-net it set for Israel.

After the Edward Snowden leaks showed that the administration had been spying on "friendly nations," Obama apologized and promised it wouldn't happen again. But apparently Israel wasn't considered friendly enough, so the spying on Bibi et al. went on.

But that doesn't really bother me. I pretty much assume that everybody is spying on everybody else. And so what if Obama did it to make sure Israel didn't know about his secret meetings with Iran? What else can you expect from him? We now know that this administration will literally say and do anything to push their Iranian nuclear deal forward.

No, the scandal,  as Jonathan Tobin writes in Commentary,

"isn’t just the unsavory practice of eavesdropping on a friendly government but the way the practice extended to contacts between Israelis, pro-Israel groups, and members of Congress. In doing so, the Obama administration made clear not only that — contrary to the assurances it gives pro-Israel Democrats — it regards the Jewish state with great hostility and suspicion, but that it is not afraid to use the immense power of the security establishment to spy on Congress, a practice that ought to have both security hawks and libertarians sounding the alarm about possible abuse of power."

So the executive branch is spying on the legislative branch. This is overreach Nixon in his wildest dreams couldn't have imagined.

Will there be any consequences? If it wasn't Barack Obama there sure would be.

"As a veteran of the George W. Bush White House," says Elliott Abrams, "I’m persuaded that had we done this, the Democrats in Congress would have called it a major scandal and held endless hearings designed to attack the administration."

Oh, you betcha.