Recently, in England, a pro-Israeli speaker tried to give a talk at King's College in London. Protests at such events is SOP on college campuses these days, in Europe and the US. But this one got particularly violent:

Chanting “Free Palestine,” “Viva Viva Palestina” and “From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free,” angry demonstrators smashed a window of a room where an event hosting a former Israeli security official was being held.... One of the event’s organizers, Esther Endfield, co-president of the KCL Israel Society, was physically assaulted by anti-Israel activists, who also ran up and down the four stories of the building in which the event was held, repeatedly setting off its fire alarms.

No information about what happened to the protesters. Were they arrested, or at least removed, so the event could continue? Were they charged with something? Or were they let go with a warning—or maybe not even a warning? Was it the event and not the protest that had to be stopped, and was it the speaker, and not the criminals, who had to be escorted out?

There was a follow-up article in today's Jerusalem Post. Three guesses as to whether anyone got into trouble over this.

England has become a dangerously dhimmified country. You only have to look at the scandalous coverup of  rapes committed by Muslim men in Rotherdam to understand that in England, job #1 is not to keep people safe, but to keep Muslims from looking bad.

But wait, you say. This happened on a college campus. Aren't college campuses all about diversity and inclusion? Don't they all have "safe spaces" where nobody is ever to be offended? Don't professors have to give "trigger warnings" to the delicate snowflakes who might experience "microaggressions" when they are exposed to new or disturbing ideas? Don't administrators walk on eggshells—and sometimes have to resign—because students claim to be traumatized by insensitivity to things like Ferguson or the "cultural appropriation" of the dorm cafeteria serving fried rice or the lack of diversity on the "great books" reading list?

Well, yes. And that's why I say, if you feel like hating on someone, make sure it's a Jew. Because while all other "minorities" on campus must be treated with kid gloves, it's apparently open season on Jews. Like these protesters in London, or the kid at Temple who sucker-punched a pro-Israel student, or the "activists" at the U of M who put fake eviction notices on Jewish students' doors, I promise you will not get into trouble.

And that is a tragedy.