Less Hot Air at the Republican Debate

I am looking forward to tonight's debate. There will be considerably less hot air. Donald Trump's feeling were hurt during the last debate and has decided instead to stay home. His supporters of course will keep bowing to the idol of a man who says what he wants, when he wants it and usually gets it. Trump takes it even further and has become a cult hero. Anyone who criticized him, must be really stupid or not listening to what he is fully saying. For those who are supporting Trump and did vote for Mitt Romney in the last general election, I strongly disagree with your support of Trump. If you did not vote for Romney, or voted third party and are supporting Trump now -- go blow it out your --

This is what would have been said by Megyn Kelly tonight.

Before I go ahead and post this, let me save the Trumpers some time. I must be a stupid RINO, bush loving, establishment loser who wants to see Hillary win.