Madam Secretary showed Chris Christie's "I'd shoot it down"

When asked in the CNN Debate if Chris Christie would enforce the no-fly zone and shoot down a Russian plane, he responded with "Not only would I be prepared to do it, I would do it." This was met with support from the audience. Before this debate, Madam Secretary aired an episode where a unstable Russian president went on with the invasion of Ukraine and violated a US no-fly zone in Ukraine and was met with a stone hard permission granted to shoot down Russian planes. The episode ended as this video ended, and the next episode showed US fighters eliminating Russian jets, enforcing US air superiority. The Russian President didn't put his finger on the nukes, or call a invasion of the US because that's not reality. I bring this TV show in the light because it shows what really would happen. Rand Paul tried to elevate himself saying it would cause a massive war, but Madam Secretary nailed what a response would be. The Russian President just then shook it off and proceeded with land force as Russia was better on that front rather then in the air where the US has superiority.

So no Rand Paul, enforcing a no-fly zone would not spark all out war because a few jets are knocked out of the sky because America's unquestioned air power is known by the Russian Federation. This rings a reminder of how we need someone like Chris Christie who was the only one up on the stage capturing the strength and upfront responses the American people and the world need.