The Western Pivot Towards Right Wing Politics: Good or Bad?
The western world has met this new age of right, right wing movements across the western world have gained momentum and the fate of international control and stability may not see a moderate approach any more. We start with the example of the election in the United Kingdom, 2015. The UK responded with 3.88 million votes, 12.7% of those voting, voting for UKIP, the UK's resident right wing party. This election saw a almost 4 times increase from 919,471 votes UKIP got, 3.1% of those voting in 2010. We also saw Poland, which dethroned its powerful centre-right party in favor of a right wing party, by a surprising 7.69% swing by the right wing party. France recently in the mids of December saw Front Nationale, its far-right party gain 27% of the vote, or 6.8 million french in amount of voters. The only reason the socialist party in France has a holding is because the far-right party is separate from the centre-right party. 67% of the French voters in the regional elections either voted centre-right or far-right making the US stereotype of France being widely socialist a big bust. The European Union Parliament polls have shown that right wing and far-right coalitions are gaining momentum as well.

Why is this happening? What does this mean for the future? Is this temporarily and how far will it go?....These are all questions people are pondering, and it takes some research to get the answers. Let's first break down the global status. We have Russian Aggression in the east, annexation of a part of a nation forcefully. We have the rise of ISIS and radical Islamic movements centralized in the middle east with terrorist cells all over. We have western economies remaining at low growth, and eastern economies booming. We have eastern military building up faster than western military. Only 14.4% of the world's countries, 12.5% of the world's population, are under full democracies according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Times are not pleasant, especially in the west. People are going to seek forceful actions, having a stronger military, and more skepticism about open borders and unions, such as the EU. This is a possible direction to combat these problems, however it's not the most efficient and its not the only one. People can revert towards more moderate approaches and tackling issues by uniting rather than proceeding in isolationism. It takes time for Diplomacy to work, but in the end it will succeed. You need skilled people, dialogues, and compromise but in the end its beneficial towards the world all together rather to shut our nations up, lock the doors and do our own things. The world is becoming globalized whether we like it or not, and looking past our nationalities and borders to see the common goals of humanity rather than the lines drawn on the maps may be a step we must take in order to truly continue our evolution towards the future.