The rebirth of George Wallace. *Enter Trump*

Donald Trump, love him or hate him we have realized through joy or irritation he is here to stay. What we do not know yet is what actual effect he will have in the election. We hear "horserace news" constantly about this poll said this and this poll said that, heck, CNN even has a poll of polls, are you serious? Trump has dominated the media circuit and the polls throughout the early election cycle but what will his lasting mark be in history on the 2016 election. My assumption is he will have the similar type of fate as George Wallace. You might remember Mr. Wallace from history tests in high school or college. The governor from Alabama who fought against the establishment with the sole purpose of making America great again by denying the civil rights to African-Americans. Sounds pretty close to Trump does it not? All that's needed to change is the switch of misfortune from African-Americans to Hispanic-Americans and Muslims. In 1968 Wallace was a third party candidate that took a few southern states but did not do enough damage to control the inevitable outcome of Richard Nixon becoming the President.  Similar to the fate Trump could face with Hillary Clinton assuming the role of the inevitable opponent and victor in 2016. Trump unlike Wallace has the opportunity to be the nominee or force an awkward moment that will likely conclude with a brokered convention but that's for another day, let's get back to it. Trump, like Wallace traveled across small pockets of the south listening and feeding off his "traditional America" rhetoric blaming minorities for the problems and making controversial policy proposals if he were elected. On election night Wallace had a quiet, you could say uncharacteristically death that night the complete opposite of his campaign through that year. I expect Mr. Trump's to be no less than ridiculous if he is the nominee or if he runs as a third party. Though I admit, until we see the first caucus and primary votes, it will be hard to tell if Trump will be able to see results and delegates in his favor. We've been talking about this election for over 6 months now it's time to see what's really going to happen and not what we think. Ready or not here we go America.