Is Donald Trump a Nazi?

It wouldn't be a boring day without a mindless liberal Facebook friend speculating that Donald Trump is a Nazi. Frankly, conservatives and republicans don't make those types of comparisons. On our side we question people’s love for God and Country. Most of the time we are correct, but still get raked over the coals for making such statements. Yet, the farther Trump goes in his bid for the White House, the more we will hear such claims. So let's dive right in and do some fun comparative analysis.

Adolf Hitler was a veteran of WWI and got involved in politics soon after. He attempted a coup of the government and was imprisoned. In prison he wrote a book called Mein Kampf that was a step by step plan to exterminate European Jewry. Later, Hitler worked his way, not so cleanly, to becoming the Dictator of Germany and exterminated and murdered over 10 million people. He also led the world into WWII. Along with Stalin, Pol Pot and a few others, he is considered one of the universes most evil people EVER!

Donald Trump was born into a wealthy family in New York. He was given control of his family's business and went on to build many casinos and hotels. He wrote his book, the art of the deal, presumably at his computer. In all his books he talks about how great the United States is. Trump is running for President and won a primary in New Hampshire. While extremely bombastic and slightly self-absorbed, he seems by most accounts to be a decent person.

I digress. While Donald Trump is not my first or second choice for the Republican candidate, these smears and comparisons must stop. That may be too much to ask from the left these days, but thought I would try.