The Road to Hell was Paved by Donald Trump

I've started this blogpost four times. And each time it went "As I write this, Donald Trump has [insert the latest awful thing] and I can't believe anyone's still supporting him."

Today, it's the Heidi situation.  An anti-Trump PAC unaffiliated with the Cruz campaign posted revealing photos of Melania Trump. So in response, naturally, Trump found the ugliest picture of Heidi Cruz he could and tweeted it out alongside a photo of his model wife. He saw this as a "yuge" win for him. Because to Trump, the only important thing about a woman is what she looks like.

The Trumpsters loved it, And the female Trumpsters called in to Rush and the other radio talk show hosts to say it didn't bother them at all.

Similarly, people who once called themselves tea party conservatives, who thought Bill Clinton was going to burn in hellfire because of his sins, are supporting the profane serial adulterer and pro-choice big-government Trump. Newt Gingrich apparently compared him to Reagan. The entirety of the Fox News primetime lineup is actively pushing for him.

And then there are My People, and the speech he gave at AIPAC.

Remember, Trump has been talking about being "neutral" between the Israelis and Palestinians, which isn't anti-semitic as much as it is stupid. The very morning of his AIPAC speech he wondered aloud about continuing Israel's foreign aid funding.

Yet his AIPAC speech was very well received, and the vendors sold out of "Trump 2016" kippahs, all of which makes me think My People aren't as smart as they're made out to be. He said all the right things, but it was obvious someone else had written every last comma of it--except possibly for that "yay" that got AIPAC's panties in a bunch. You could tell he had practiced pronouncing the hard words, and was reading things he didn't understand. If you'd stopped him and asked him to clarify anything, he wouldn't have been able to.

There's been a lot of talk about Trump being Hitler, and Godwin's Law has been broken so many times I've lost count. And it's true that even Hitler wasn't Hitler until he was.  

But Hitler wasn't really the problem: the people who followed him were the problem. Trump himself said he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters wouldn't mind, and he's right.

No, I don't think Donald Trump is Hitler. But I sure do see a lot of Americans acting like Germans.

We need a CEO in the Oval Office

When traveling through North Africa, Morocco in particular, I was aboard a bus with some Spaniards that I had met along the way. A Gendarme boarded the bus and looked around at the passengers, asking some for Passports. I had long curly hair, a goatee, and darkened skin. Not as easy to place me geographically as my fellow, non-Sephardic Spaniards. The officer asked me for my passport, and I proffered it quickly.

My passport was a thing of beauty, a regal dark navy blue, with a fantastic golden embossed eagle carrying arrows, protected by a shield, stating in Latin, E Pluribus Unum, Out of many, One. The officer looked at my passport, with a weighty, impressed gaze, front and back, and handed it right back to me. Never opening it. I welled up with pride, and felt very much American, and a GD proud one at that.

Fast forward a handful of years, and post 9-11, things seemed different. An innocence had been shattered. Perhaps it was just mine, but shattered nonetheless.
Upon reading Donald Trump's book I was ready to start rolling my eyes at every paragraph. I agreed with a few of the things he espoused. I disagree greatly with his delivery, and caustic tone. If I learned anything from Forensics and Debate, it's to know your audience. Trump is not a dumb man. He's got his LCD/lowest common denominator covered, when it comes to speaking from the heart, and shooting from the hip. Don't forget his CCW license. His plainspeak read quite genuine, and I left believing that he really wants to help in restoring the US to a place of global respect and prominence.

If our troops have boots down in one of the many Stans around the world, I agree that said government should help in footing the bill for us to be there helping protect their and our interests. I also concur that trade should be equally beneficial for us and whomever they, should be. I also agree that 19 Trillion Dollars is far too much to owe to China.

I've been to Mexico numerous times, and have always found them to be a hard working, honest and industrious people. I also understand that the drug cartels are loathsome savages with little regard for human life. If a wall were to help curtail said violence, shrink the massive artery of drug flow, and assist in proper immigration, well then, I have to admit that I'd be all for it. I don't believe it's a perfect answer, as evidenced in Israel, but it certainly has helped.

I've longed believed the two party system to be full of shit, and in need of arduous therapy. Perhaps one of the many reasons there is so much media/establishment pushback on Trumps meteoric rise, is the fact that he is indeed an outsider, to a degree. Perhaps instead of a President with a JD, we need a CEO in the Oval Office with a slight chip on his shoulder wanting to return the luster to our noble crest.

I Trust Ted

Tuesday night saw sweeping change to the Republican primary landscape. Marco Rubio bowed out after failing to win his home state of Florida. John Kasich vowed to press on as he held on to his home state of Ohio. Donald Trump sounded downright presidential in his victorious speech. And Ted Cruz gave a victory speech after coming in second place in every primary.

Cruz welcomed Rubio's supporters to join him in opposing Donald Trump. He pointed out that only he and Trump have a path to 1,237 delegates, declaring this now a two-man race. Later Cruz called for Kasich to drop out of the race, claiming his continued candidacy plays in Trump's favor and prevents Cruz from uniting the anti-Trump majority under his banner.

But is that true? Would Kasich's supporters vote for Cruz should Kasich be kind enough to oblige the Senator's wishes? I'm not so sure.

As someone whose primary has come and gone, my vote has been cast. I chose to vote for Kasich in Michigan. I wanted to vote for Rubio for many reasons, but he never recovered from Christie's defining him in the Governor's last debate. So I had to consider my options, and I chose a moderate who knows how to get things done, Governor Kasich.

Kasich had been making the most of his time at every debate, consistently touting his success at getting things done in Washington D.C. and in Ohio. Kasich knows how to make deals, as his record proves, and sending someone to Washington who can cut through the gridlock and make the right deals to turn this country around is very appealing to me. It's why I viewed Rubio's initial work in the Gang of Eight as a strength, not a weakness. I believed Rubio understood when to compromise and when to walk away from a deal gone bad.

So would Kasich's supporters flock to Cruz? Will Rubio's supporters flock to Cruz? Or will the voters looking for a deal-maker seriously consider the man who has spent his entire life making deals?

Would Kasich's supporters instead flock to Donald Trump?

I believe the answer is mostly yes. I believe people looking for someone to make deals, to make Washington work again will run to the man who claims he can make better deals than any politician because that's what he's done his whole life, make deals.

What deals has Cruz made? Can Cruz make a deal?

So yes, I trust Ted. I trust Ted because I've seen this before, and I know he's telling the truth. I've seen a freshman senator campaign on ideology and do exactly what he said he was going to do, and I have no doubt Ted Cruz will follow in that man's footsteps.

I trust Ted to be uncompromising in every way. I trust Ted to continue the politics of gridlock in Washington. I trust Ted to fight battles that need not be fought and hold lines that should be crossed.

I trust Ted. Do you?

The Fall of Establishment American Politics and the Birth of the New Era

Over the past two decades we have witnessed the two major parties in American Politics battle and cut chords with each other after each painful election cycle. As the 90's fade away and the 2000's begin its life we are slowly becoming more starkly different in political opinions as citizens but cannot fully see the big picture yet. On domestic vs. foreign interest, Social programs reform, Civil rights, and the environment. We even began to yell which of these held the highest importance. Then the floor fell in 2008. The Great Recession came and it all became about the economy and jobs. Gas prices soared, wages continued to be stagnant, old American jobs such as manufacturing, trade, and construction began to dry up across blue-collar America that affected hundreds of thousands of families and individuals. At first our instinct was to blame a person,  then people, a party, then both parties. All of the blame boiled into the 2010 midterms where the Tea-Party rose to reignite a struggling national republican party focused on fiscal conservatism and new blood in Washington. This was the chemical X that was the last ingredient needed for the meltdown we have before us.
The new blood promised a new Washington which they indeed gave but the "new" they gave the public was a obstructionist, constant-candidate representative across the nation. Things both parties use to be able to work along side were now hot topic issues flashing on the news. The threats of multiple government shutdowns and the actual shutdown cost thousands of workers their contracts with government agencies. Workers were sent home and told there was nothing that could be done. Washington finally overplayed its cards. The bitterness of hurt from many across the nation expressing the same idea that all of the elected officials had lost touch with the majority of Americans and the problems and needs of their families. They based their decisions off polls instead of prospering. The self-serving agenda on both sides of the aisle had reached its limit with even their most loyal supporters. The accountability factor is now playing a key factor during this point but district by district, state by state, voters are blaming other representatives and not their own claiming he or she is the rarity in D.C. that will spark change. Alas, nothing changed. Now in 2012, more divisiveness, the rhetoric becoming harsher, the parties became polar opposites ideologically in order to keep or obtain a new voting bloc for elections to come. Some not even putting on the show anymore by saying no to even discussing the issue at hand even though people already resented "the show", they could at least go to sleep with it when they turned off the news. Stubbornness and Invincibility has set in for them. They cannot see the monster at their doorstep patiently waiting.

2015 rolls around and the news of Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz all running for president made them wonder if this was just a phase or something they should take care of. Sanders had low support around 3%, Trump was never taken seriously from the beginning (not sure if he is now still), Bloomberg watched in the background as a shadow waiting to see if this was his last opportunity at the job he coveted throughout his political career. Cruz,  who was projected to be the anti-establishment candidate. The contradictory candidate who promised change but institutionalized stagnation and divisiveness in D.C. politics throughout his short tenure as a senator.  Nothing was done as 2016 rolled around and Sanders, Trump and Cruz got their footing in the race and stoked the anger and emotion and betrayal that most Americans felt had been done to them from establishment politics. They finally understood if they wanted the change, they had to be the change. This is where the story  must end because the rest has yet to be written. I can guess Bloomberg will regret more than less he didn't run, Mr.. Trump will win the nomination but lose horribly in the general in a electoral college landslide, Mr. Sanders will lose against Ms. Clinton who will become the nation's 45th president, but the era of anti-establishment politics has blossomed and Ms. Clinton may have the highest seat to watch it spread throughout the halls of Congress, but all I mention is only the most likeable scenario.

It will be exciting times in American politics for us to witness and be apart of. Accountability is what can save the small chance for the re-grasp on Americans for the establishment of both sides but will they admit to their wrongdoings, and lack of empathy and repay the constituents by getting things done instead of demanding they get everything they want and not do anything if not? Maybe.(don't count on it.)
 Americans trust the government just as less as they did during the Vietnam War. A person, people, a party, nor both parties can change the minds of those who distrust them. Nothing will. A new era had to emerge to continue the typical democratic structure we have became accustom to in politics. Now, the actors will have to act more on the script constituents wrote for them more than their own. As I close, I find myself feeling very fortunate to be apart of an era and generation that has witnessed so much and yet to even reach the quarter century mark in my life. Until next time, its important to remember how you feel now about this time, because in years to come someone will ask you, "How did you feel when....." and you will not have to ponder about it, you will know exactly what you said or maybe even what you did.

Am I Part of the Problem #stoptherhetoric

Dear Friends,

I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands; one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The commitment to this pledge has kept our society civil. We are all part of this great melting pot. There are 300 million people with 300 million views about God and country. No one agrees with each other and frankly, no one should. But we should all respect one another and the other person's right to disagree. The rhetoric in this political season has gotten out of hand. I love disagreement. I love saying things that people disagree with. I love having debate. But debate should be polite, civil and occasionally loud. But the blind hatred that has been growing on all sides has got to STOP!

In light of what has happened to Ben Shapiro and Breitbart, I want to be part of the solution. As someone with a smaller website, I am sometimes guilty of promoting some bad rhetoric with not enough policy. Therefore I pledge to #stoptherhetoric. That doesn't mean I won't stop presenting my ideas, or arguing with others. I have strong differences with the left and some on the right. These should make our country stronger, not weaker.

I encourage everyone to sign the pledge and spread the word.

There Must be Something in the Water

My Twitter feed has been going absolutely crazy. A while ago, I wrote an article about Nine Hot Jewish Republicans. It was a fluffy article that was just meant to be humorous. However, I included, accidentally, a non-Jewish lady; Michelle Fields. She was very nice about the mistake and I corrected the article. No harm, no foul.
This morning I awake to my Twitter feed going crazy bashing me, Ms. Fields and Ben Shapiro. Huh? Michelle Fields was attacked at a Trump rally by Mr. Trump’s campaign manager. Instead of apologizing and moving on, he denied and called Fields and anyone who backed her story liars and all sorts of names.
Here is where I come in; she made my list -- People connected Mr. Shapiro and Ms. Fields as Jewish and that must be why Breitbart supported her.
WTF is going on.
We are in an alternate universe. Maybe Flint isn’t the only place in the United States making people sick. There is a growing illness building in the sewers that has been festering. This "mood slime" is engulfing and making people stupid, ignorant and mean.  What can stop this? With more than 7 months to go until the election, what can be done? How do we stop this ooze from taking over and ruining our country?


Do you ever wonder why Jews keep voting overwhelmingly for Democrats? Heck, you may be Jewish and wondering why YOU keep voting for them.  

It wasn't always like that, and there are plenty of reasons (Trump notwithstanding) for Jewish voters to consider voting Republican again. And on March 16 on the University of Michigan campus, you'll be able to hear some of them, and ask questions of your own.

Moderated by The New Paine's own Ezra Drissman, "Why we are [politically] CONSERVATIVE" will feature a panel of three prominent Jewish Republicans. (See the PDF for more info.) An audience q&a will follow a panel discussion. The event is being co-sponsored by the Washtenaw County Republican Party and the U-M chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).

(On a side note, YAF is just one of the groups of brave U-M students who are putting on some great events at that ultra-liberal campus. YAF also sponsored the Dinesh D'Souza-Bill Ayers throwdown a few weeks ago. And the Michigan Review, the conservative student newspaper, hosted unverified-by-Twitter tech genius and gay provocateur Milo Yiannopoulous last month. Good work kids!)

The fun starts at 7pm at Hutchins Hall, in U-M's beautiful Law Quad. Luddite Blogger will be there, and we hope you will be too!

A Four Person General Election Race?

This election is getting stranger by the day. Who would you vote for with these four as general election candidates?

Time for a Xanax Republicans!

Ok, it is time for people to chill out! There has been a growing battle between the Tea Party, Establishment, Conservatives, RINOs, Libertarians, Neo-cons and any other type of Republican you can think of. Everyone has their gripe, complaint and a litany of issues to bash, mock and take down the other person. And what does that get you? --Socialism-- Does it make you feel better than you can call someone out on Facebook or Twitter?

Donald Trump, very likely could be the Republican Presidential candidate. If he is, accept it. We have a very long political season and frankly many other primaries coming up. These primaries are decided by the folks in those states. You don't live there and frankly, the people there probably don't care about your opinion either. There are enough candidates in the race that you can find the man you like and vote for them.

The infighting is getting old quickly. Take a chill pill, go to Colorado and spoke, have a cigar, scotch or whatever it is you do to relax.

Have a bless and relaxed day,