I Trust Ted

Tuesday night saw sweeping change to the Republican primary landscape. Marco Rubio bowed out after failing to win his home state of Florida. John Kasich vowed to press on as he held on to his home state of Ohio. Donald Trump sounded downright presidential in his victorious speech. And Ted Cruz gave a victory speech after coming in second place in every primary.

Cruz welcomed Rubio's supporters to join him in opposing Donald Trump. He pointed out that only he and Trump have a path to 1,237 delegates, declaring this now a two-man race. Later Cruz called for Kasich to drop out of the race, claiming his continued candidacy plays in Trump's favor and prevents Cruz from uniting the anti-Trump majority under his banner.

But is that true? Would Kasich's supporters vote for Cruz should Kasich be kind enough to oblige the Senator's wishes? I'm not so sure.

As someone whose primary has come and gone, my vote has been cast. I chose to vote for Kasich in Michigan. I wanted to vote for Rubio for many reasons, but he never recovered from Christie's defining him in the Governor's last debate. So I had to consider my options, and I chose a moderate who knows how to get things done, Governor Kasich.

Kasich had been making the most of his time at every debate, consistently touting his success at getting things done in Washington D.C. and in Ohio. Kasich knows how to make deals, as his record proves, and sending someone to Washington who can cut through the gridlock and make the right deals to turn this country around is very appealing to me. It's why I viewed Rubio's initial work in the Gang of Eight as a strength, not a weakness. I believed Rubio understood when to compromise and when to walk away from a deal gone bad.

So would Kasich's supporters flock to Cruz? Will Rubio's supporters flock to Cruz? Or will the voters looking for a deal-maker seriously consider the man who has spent his entire life making deals?

Would Kasich's supporters instead flock to Donald Trump?

I believe the answer is mostly yes. I believe people looking for someone to make deals, to make Washington work again will run to the man who claims he can make better deals than any politician because that's what he's done his whole life, make deals.

What deals has Cruz made? Can Cruz make a deal?

So yes, I trust Ted. I trust Ted because I've seen this before, and I know he's telling the truth. I've seen a freshman senator campaign on ideology and do exactly what he said he was going to do, and I have no doubt Ted Cruz will follow in that man's footsteps.

I trust Ted to be uncompromising in every way. I trust Ted to continue the politics of gridlock in Washington. I trust Ted to fight battles that need not be fought and hold lines that should be crossed.

I trust Ted. Do you?