The Fall of Establishment American Politics and the Birth of the New Era

Over the past two decades we have witnessed the two major parties in American Politics battle and cut chords with each other after each painful election cycle. As the 90's fade away and the 2000's begin its life we are slowly becoming more starkly different in political opinions as citizens but cannot fully see the big picture yet. On domestic vs. foreign interest, Social programs reform, Civil rights, and the environment. We even began to yell which of these held the highest importance. Then the floor fell in 2008. The Great Recession came and it all became about the economy and jobs. Gas prices soared, wages continued to be stagnant, old American jobs such as manufacturing, trade, and construction began to dry up across blue-collar America that affected hundreds of thousands of families and individuals. At first our instinct was to blame a person,  then people, a party, then both parties. All of the blame boiled into the 2010 midterms where the Tea-Party rose to reignite a struggling national republican party focused on fiscal conservatism and new blood in Washington. This was the chemical X that was the last ingredient needed for the meltdown we have before us.
The new blood promised a new Washington which they indeed gave but the "new" they gave the public was a obstructionist, constant-candidate representative across the nation. Things both parties use to be able to work along side were now hot topic issues flashing on the news. The threats of multiple government shutdowns and the actual shutdown cost thousands of workers their contracts with government agencies. Workers were sent home and told there was nothing that could be done. Washington finally overplayed its cards. The bitterness of hurt from many across the nation expressing the same idea that all of the elected officials had lost touch with the majority of Americans and the problems and needs of their families. They based their decisions off polls instead of prospering. The self-serving agenda on both sides of the aisle had reached its limit with even their most loyal supporters. The accountability factor is now playing a key factor during this point but district by district, state by state, voters are blaming other representatives and not their own claiming he or she is the rarity in D.C. that will spark change. Alas, nothing changed. Now in 2012, more divisiveness, the rhetoric becoming harsher, the parties became polar opposites ideologically in order to keep or obtain a new voting bloc for elections to come. Some not even putting on the show anymore by saying no to even discussing the issue at hand even though people already resented "the show", they could at least go to sleep with it when they turned off the news. Stubbornness and Invincibility has set in for them. They cannot see the monster at their doorstep patiently waiting.

2015 rolls around and the news of Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz all running for president made them wonder if this was just a phase or something they should take care of. Sanders had low support around 3%, Trump was never taken seriously from the beginning (not sure if he is now still), Bloomberg watched in the background as a shadow waiting to see if this was his last opportunity at the job he coveted throughout his political career. Cruz,  who was projected to be the anti-establishment candidate. The contradictory candidate who promised change but institutionalized stagnation and divisiveness in D.C. politics throughout his short tenure as a senator.  Nothing was done as 2016 rolled around and Sanders, Trump and Cruz got their footing in the race and stoked the anger and emotion and betrayal that most Americans felt had been done to them from establishment politics. They finally understood if they wanted the change, they had to be the change. This is where the story  must end because the rest has yet to be written. I can guess Bloomberg will regret more than less he didn't run, Mr.. Trump will win the nomination but lose horribly in the general in a electoral college landslide, Mr. Sanders will lose against Ms. Clinton who will become the nation's 45th president, but the era of anti-establishment politics has blossomed and Ms. Clinton may have the highest seat to watch it spread throughout the halls of Congress, but all I mention is only the most likeable scenario.

It will be exciting times in American politics for us to witness and be apart of. Accountability is what can save the small chance for the re-grasp on Americans for the establishment of both sides but will they admit to their wrongdoings, and lack of empathy and repay the constituents by getting things done instead of demanding they get everything they want and not do anything if not? Maybe.(don't count on it.)
 Americans trust the government just as less as they did during the Vietnam War. A person, people, a party, nor both parties can change the minds of those who distrust them. Nothing will. A new era had to emerge to continue the typical democratic structure we have became accustom to in politics. Now, the actors will have to act more on the script constituents wrote for them more than their own. As I close, I find myself feeling very fortunate to be apart of an era and generation that has witnessed so much and yet to even reach the quarter century mark in my life. Until next time, its important to remember how you feel now about this time, because in years to come someone will ask you, "How did you feel when....." and you will not have to ponder about it, you will know exactly what you said or maybe even what you did.