The Road to Hell was Paved by Donald Trump

I've started this blogpost four times. And each time it went "As I write this, Donald Trump has [insert the latest awful thing] and I can't believe anyone's still supporting him."

Today, it's the Heidi situation.  An anti-Trump PAC unaffiliated with the Cruz campaign posted revealing photos of Melania Trump. So in response, naturally, Trump found the ugliest picture of Heidi Cruz he could and tweeted it out alongside a photo of his model wife. He saw this as a "yuge" win for him. Because to Trump, the only important thing about a woman is what she looks like.

The Trumpsters loved it, And the female Trumpsters called in to Rush and the other radio talk show hosts to say it didn't bother them at all.

Similarly, people who once called themselves tea party conservatives, who thought Bill Clinton was going to burn in hellfire because of his sins, are supporting the profane serial adulterer and pro-choice big-government Trump. Newt Gingrich apparently compared him to Reagan. The entirety of the Fox News primetime lineup is actively pushing for him.

And then there are My People, and the speech he gave at AIPAC.

Remember, Trump has been talking about being "neutral" between the Israelis and Palestinians, which isn't anti-semitic as much as it is stupid. The very morning of his AIPAC speech he wondered aloud about continuing Israel's foreign aid funding.

Yet his AIPAC speech was very well received, and the vendors sold out of "Trump 2016" kippahs, all of which makes me think My People aren't as smart as they're made out to be. He said all the right things, but it was obvious someone else had written every last comma of it--except possibly for that "yay" that got AIPAC's panties in a bunch. You could tell he had practiced pronouncing the hard words, and was reading things he didn't understand. If you'd stopped him and asked him to clarify anything, he wouldn't have been able to.

There's been a lot of talk about Trump being Hitler, and Godwin's Law has been broken so many times I've lost count. And it's true that even Hitler wasn't Hitler until he was.  

But Hitler wasn't really the problem: the people who followed him were the problem. Trump himself said he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters wouldn't mind, and he's right.

No, I don't think Donald Trump is Hitler. But I sure do see a lot of Americans acting like Germans.