There Must be Something in the Water

My Twitter feed has been going absolutely crazy. A while ago, I wrote an article about Nine Hot Jewish Republicans. It was a fluffy article that was just meant to be humorous. However, I included, accidentally, a non-Jewish lady; Michelle Fields. She was very nice about the mistake and I corrected the article. No harm, no foul.
This morning I awake to my Twitter feed going crazy bashing me, Ms. Fields and Ben Shapiro. Huh? Michelle Fields was attacked at a Trump rally by Mr. Trump’s campaign manager. Instead of apologizing and moving on, he denied and called Fields and anyone who backed her story liars and all sorts of names.
Here is where I come in; she made my list -- People connected Mr. Shapiro and Ms. Fields as Jewish and that must be why Breitbart supported her.
WTF is going on.
We are in an alternate universe. Maybe Flint isn’t the only place in the United States making people sick. There is a growing illness building in the sewers that has been festering. This "mood slime" is engulfing and making people stupid, ignorant and mean.  What can stop this? With more than 7 months to go until the election, what can be done? How do we stop this ooze from taking over and ruining our country?