Time for a Xanax Republicans!

Ok, it is time for people to chill out! There has been a growing battle between the Tea Party, Establishment, Conservatives, RINOs, Libertarians, Neo-cons and any other type of Republican you can think of. Everyone has their gripe, complaint and a litany of issues to bash, mock and take down the other person. And what does that get you? --Socialism-- Does it make you feel better than you can call someone out on Facebook or Twitter?

Donald Trump, very likely could be the Republican Presidential candidate. If he is, accept it. We have a very long political season and frankly many other primaries coming up. These primaries are decided by the folks in those states. You don't live there and frankly, the people there probably don't care about your opinion either. There are enough candidates in the race that you can find the man you like and vote for them.

The infighting is getting old quickly. Take a chill pill, go to Colorado and spoke, have a cigar, scotch or whatever it is you do to relax.

Have a bless and relaxed day,