We need a CEO in the Oval Office

When traveling through North Africa, Morocco in particular, I was aboard a bus with some Spaniards that I had met along the way. A Gendarme boarded the bus and looked around at the passengers, asking some for Passports. I had long curly hair, a goatee, and darkened skin. Not as easy to place me geographically as my fellow, non-Sephardic Spaniards. The officer asked me for my passport, and I proffered it quickly.

My passport was a thing of beauty, a regal dark navy blue, with a fantastic golden embossed eagle carrying arrows, protected by a shield, stating in Latin, E Pluribus Unum, Out of many, One. The officer looked at my passport, with a weighty, impressed gaze, front and back, and handed it right back to me. Never opening it. I welled up with pride, and felt very much American, and a GD proud one at that.

Fast forward a handful of years, and post 9-11, things seemed different. An innocence had been shattered. Perhaps it was just mine, but shattered nonetheless.
Upon reading Donald Trump's book I was ready to start rolling my eyes at every paragraph. I agreed with a few of the things he espoused. I disagree greatly with his delivery, and caustic tone. If I learned anything from Forensics and Debate, it's to know your audience. Trump is not a dumb man. He's got his LCD/lowest common denominator covered, when it comes to speaking from the heart, and shooting from the hip. Don't forget his CCW license. His plainspeak read quite genuine, and I left believing that he really wants to help in restoring the US to a place of global respect and prominence.

If our troops have boots down in one of the many Stans around the world, I agree that said government should help in footing the bill for us to be there helping protect their and our interests. I also concur that trade should be equally beneficial for us and whomever they, should be. I also agree that 19 Trillion Dollars is far too much to owe to China.

I've been to Mexico numerous times, and have always found them to be a hard working, honest and industrious people. I also understand that the drug cartels are loathsome savages with little regard for human life. If a wall were to help curtail said violence, shrink the massive artery of drug flow, and assist in proper immigration, well then, I have to admit that I'd be all for it. I don't believe it's a perfect answer, as evidenced in Israel, but it certainly has helped.

I've longed believed the two party system to be full of shit, and in need of arduous therapy. Perhaps one of the many reasons there is so much media/establishment pushback on Trumps meteoric rise, is the fact that he is indeed an outsider, to a degree. Perhaps instead of a President with a JD, we need a CEO in the Oval Office with a slight chip on his shoulder wanting to return the luster to our noble crest.