Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner Jim Nash Gives Himself an Award

On August 2, 2016, Jim Nash received an award from the Clinton River Watershed Council for raising money for their organization. Mr. Nash is currently running for re-election as the Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner. Questions arise as to the legitimacy of receiving this award considering that the Clinton River is extremely contaminated. Why is the watershed acknowledging the person who is faulted for poisoning the Clinton River?

“…ongoing contamination problems are almost exclusively of nonpoint source origin” –Michigan DEQ.

This contamination in large part comes from many of the lakes and rivers in Oakland County, under Nash’s prevue. According to the group Save Lake St. Clair, this pollution was caused in part, by Oakland County.

”We dumped in over 429 million gallons through the Conner Creek Tributary to Detroit into the Detroit River on July 8th as a RTB event…
The Conner Creek Tributary … have dumped over 3 Billion Gallons this year as a RTB (retention basin event). “

Why was Nash given an award, when he hasn’t done anything to deserve this recognition?

The answer unfortunately is, cronyism. The executive director of the organization is, Anne Vaara. Ms. Vaara is also the active secretary of Pure Oakland Water.

“Pure Oakland Water is a Michigan not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting Oakland County and regional water resources through public education, community organizing, environmental advocacy, and promotion of a sustainable future.”

Of course the chair of Pure Oakland Water is none other than Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner - Jim Nash.

The web of organizations seem like an easy way to self-congratulate, without actually doing the main job of having safe and clean water. Oakland County should not sit on the sidelines and allow politicians, who don’t have any sort of background in science to pollute our water. Let us learn our lesson from Flint and fire Jim Nash in November.