Maybe half of America have Lost their Minds

In a recent article in Cracked the author tried to explain the “Trump phenomena”. It was a pretty good article people should read it. I have my only conclusions, but want to take a brief moment to expound and rant.

“I am one of the “deplorables” Hillary Clinton speaks so fondly of. So many of my friends are absolutely baffled, still, how I can publicly support Donald Trump. I am a college graduate, religious Jew and live in the suburbs. I work in light manufacturing, and seen how the American manufacturing worker has gotten absolutely screwed. Not your typical Trump voter. Let just explain in one short and hopefully eloquent rant.

Here’s the way I see the United States actually succeeding in a world global market. ---Fix the damn trade deals. Yes, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are correct; and so is Donald Trump. The only place someone can go and work on the “line” is at McDonald’s. Fast food has now become our great manufacturing base. Thank you Clinton for NAFTA, that killed our middle class, manufacturing and the hope that anyone could work hard and make a better life.

The second reason is the world, yes, I want America to be involved in foreign policy and not take a ridiculous back seat to every single other country. It sucks. The past 8 years have been an utter disaster; electing the woman who implemented much of that just doesn’t sit well with me. I will grant that Trump hasn’t had the background as Hillary, but considering the Iran deal, the Russia reset, Libya and other decisions; it’s hard to take her seriously.

Taxes, because it really is always about the economy stupid. I tend to agree with both sides when they mention that the middle class is getting squeezed. The only way to fix that is to readjust the trade deals but also create an environment where corporation large and small pay the same rate with no carve outs. Even JFK pushed for a lower corporate tax rate. And yes, Trump is the only one pushing for a sane tax policy.

So there you have it. And if you think telling me and finding more tapes of Trump proving that he is a pig is going to change my mind, it won’t. I want policy. I want someone who has the policies that I just showed you. That person is not Hillary Clinton and it never will be. So the three reasons I am voting for Trump are Taxes, Trade Deals, Foreign Policy. If that makes me deplorable then so be it.